Monday, September 13, 2010

The "New" Beginning

Since reading, Write it Down, Make it Happen, by Henriette Anne Klauser, I have been determined to change my life.  It just so happens that an insurmountable heap of obstacles have presented themselves to my life in a seemingly personal way.  As a warrior, I have now decided to confront my life's demons, and embrace them as a necessary part of my journey. 

Klauser has many astute points in her book, but the most poignant and obvious is how powerful writing truly is.  So, in celebration of a new reality, my writing will serve as the newest addition to my fellowship with my Creator.  I vow to make the next step of my life in total faith, and I vow to be a friend to anyone in need.

Keep in mind: this blog will be at times long winded, and at other times, still...but that is the balance of life.  There will be testimonials, comedy, and a hodgepodge of life experiences layed across this backdrop.  With that said, it takes a truly open mind to receive the information I will present in this blog.

I will be as open as is humanly possible to all of you and your testimonials.  Don't be shy!  I want to read your testimonials.  It drives me spiritually.  Don't be embarrassed, either - the truth is the truth, and it "truly" sets you free.  So, write at free will... I promise I won't judge you (I can't say the same for anyone else)!

I must also add...I don't believe in a separatist God.  I believe in God.  In various languages, the term "God" is given many names.  I want you to know that I FULLY respect the individual thinker, and the REALITY that some of us don't call "him" God, nor do some of us assign a gender to this divine spirit.  If you join me in my journey, I ask that you respect every one's right to their own interpretation of "God," and understand that I am referring to God in the way I know how.

I also ask that you remain open to one fundamental truth in life: not a single one of us has chosen to be here.  Not a single one of us has chosen (consciously) to be born to the parents, religion, race, creed, gender, or social status that we have learned as reality.  With that realization must come the level of respect to understand that each of us has our own lives, and can only find our way out of our personal "hell" by dealing with that life.  None of us can be expected to understand any other life but our own.  Testimonials are a means of unifying us, through which we gain insight into the other individual, and embrace the commonalities we share.

I love you all equally, and I realize we may not all agree.  I also realize many have far underestimated their position in their spiritual journey, and for that, are not capable of deciphering my words.  They may perceive them as confusing, hypocritical, or contradictory.  They may respond in negativity.  I welcome all of it as part of the greater journey...having to go through the dark to see the light.  I will work my hardest to see through such levels of negativity and to embrace each person fully.

Now, let me leave you with this promise:  I will write from my heart.  I will do my best.  I will articulate myself with a simplicity designed to help us ALL understand life's many lessons, no matter what our background.  And I will do this all through testimony, research, and most of all, Pure Faith.

Thank you for taking the time to share life with me, and I thank God in advance for helping others sort through the spiritual language barrier to see my intent (and not my words).

Peace and Peace.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Can't wait to read more :)
    I really respect that you are so open about belief...definitely a refreshing change from most people...

  2. You give me life... I don't know how i found your on channel on youtube, but since then i cant stay away... When u speak i feel like you must be in my head... I cant wait to read more of your blogs and view more of your video's :) (and read that book)

  3. I am happy to say I am reading this book because you have inspired me to do so and I am not only in this journey to achieve my goals but a journey of self-discovery. I want to be as free as you Shira, and be comfortable with knowing who I am. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  4. Yay, a Shira blogspot!! Looking forward to what you have to share!

  5. Hey Shira...I wish I had friends like you who talk about life, instead of gossip and the little irrelevant things in life. Please be my best friend!

  6. I live my life by the Bible. I believe that most if not all instructions for daily living are in there.. I used to be Roman Catholic but now I don't ascribe to any religion. I think religion divides and upholds traditions more than what God really wants us to do like keep his commandments. For example, going to "church" on Sunday. The Catholic Church readily admits that the Sabbath day is Saturday according to the Bible and that THEY changed it to accomodate their needs and/or wants, but I guess 'tradition' won't let them change it back to the truth.

    I think that the world is alot deeper than people make it out to be.. We get so caught up in distractions like hair, name brand clothing, fake reputations, etc. We let the media dictate how we speak, dress, walk, talk.. Some of us don't even realize it. I used to watch this show "Girlfriends" and "friends" and feel DEPRESSED that I didn't have a group of friends like the fictitious characters on television. Or I'd feel inadequate because I didn't look like the mannequins displayed in the store.. Things like those which seem so menial float around in our subconscious and become our being if we allow it to. If we don't get our priorities straight in this life nothing spiritual will be accomplished. Instead of focusing on trivial things we need to focus on weightier matters like loving each other, and like -- really loving each other. Feed your friend if she's hungry, feed the poor! Clothe the naked, treat others as you'd like to be treated, God smiles upon those things. And alot of it is easier said than done, trust me I know I live in nyc where people are rude and volatile. People don't even give you a passing glance let alone eye contact when walking past each other in the street.. Safety concerns play a role but I wonder sometimes, are we just disconnected to each other? And if we are is it because we don't have the deeprooted connection with the Higher Power? The Most High God? The everyday conversations I hear are about worries, and strife and misery that people are experiencing. I asked a man today who was telling me he was depressed with his life -- do you pray? He said - God, "He doesn't help me" "I don't believe in anything anymore" Is this what dictates our belief? He's helping us everyday! It may not be the way we wanted Him to but it's the way He sees best. Maybe you'll pray that the traffic lets up so you can make it to an appointment you're running late for.. What if the traffic doesn't let up? And you miss the appointment, what will you say? That God doesnt help you? Only to find out that there was a fire in the very room that you were going to.. Think about these things people! We want to be happy but don't want to make God happy. We say there's "only one life to live". Yes this is true but what about after this earthly life? We will all have to account for the lives we lived ALONE. Are you ready for that?

  7. I am far too late with reading ur blog and becoming aware of its existence...However, I am familiar with ur youtube account. Thank u, I shall face my demons and write it all down! For some reason I am crying as I type this to u, I know why that is. I do not know if I can face the physical or my own mental DEMONS.... I guess that is why I HAVE TO write it down FIRST... Thank u once again and I do look forward to reading up on and seeing ur journey as u fulfill all that u are meant to.

    Thank u