Monday, November 1, 2010

Fame: A Worldly Posession

When I first started YouTube, I wanted a lot of subscribers.  Not necessarily to be “famous,” but I wanted recognition for my talents, because it would reiterate what I already knew: I was a force with which to be reckoned.  Recently, I have been really pondering over the notion of fame.  When I think about it, fame is nothing more than an unhealthy obsession, like any other, with the exception that it encourages the desensitization of “self.”  Although certain “famous” people do not grant the permission for a “fan” to be obsessed, it is taught, like so many other vices of society, one should seek something outward in order to become fulfilled.

The reason I began pondering the notion of fame, is because I started to see how “worldly objects” created disconnectedness between one’s identified self, and one’s true self.  I would like to take this time to define the term “worldly objects” as anything with which one is not inherently born (i.e. money, cars, houses, etc.).  I began to realize that although I did not want for worldly objects, I wanted fame.  As time continued, and I began evolving, I started to realize I didn’t want fame, either, but I was concerned as to why I would want fame in the first place.

I noticed that although people can justify fame, they still have a hard time discerning judgment of fame with regards to other worldly objects.  In various religions, we are taught not to be “of the world,” yet people idolize and praise leaders in a way that promotes fame.  When this started happening to me, I realized I didn’t feel “good.”  I felt “bad.” (Sidebar: I use quotations to express the terms “good” and “bad,” because I feel that neither exists.  Only “what is” exists, but for lack of better concrete terms, I will use “good” and “bad” henceforth with the same intention).  Basically, I realized I felt bad to have fame, and I felt this way, because it wasn’t of SELF; fame was another worldly object.

The reason fame is a worldly object is because it creates desire (or by example) this idea of judgment (both positive and negative) as a means of fulfillment.  In other words, if no one “likes me” or if everyone “likes me,” then I know how I feel about myself.  In my ever continuing quest for this higher SELF, I realized I had to let go of this intangible worldly object.  I had to realize that any comment, idea, opinion, or any judgment about me for that matter, was “of the world,” simply because it wasn’t of my SELF.  The very definition of the word self prohibits and completely obliterates anything that is not generated from within!  Thus, whatever you don’t proclaim isn’t!  Isn’t that something?

Fame is technically “ok” with a lot of folks with whom I’ve made acquaintance, yet, is it so simply because it doesn’t come in a tangible form?  I’m very pro-SELF, which means I am very supportive of what one feels one should do.  I do not subscribe to the idea that one needs anything outside one’s own SELF.  We come into and leave this world with one thing: SELF.  Our creator can vouch for that!  So, just because one cannot see fame, does not mean that one should want for it. 

In conclusion, I encourage you (and me) to truly get to know what the SELF wants, and feed it.  Let fulfillment be guided by the heart and not the mind (or anything outside of that SELF).  Sometimes, you may not recognize what you want simply because you have not searched for it, but no one defines you but you.  If you know you are a force with which to be reckoned, you need no reinforcement!  You already know it, so what more do you need?  Find SELF, find God, find fulfillment. 

Peace and Peace.